What Is Divorce Rate In South Africa


What Is South Africa Divorce Rate ?

n 2020, around 127 divorces were granted for same-sex couples. The observed crude divorce rate was 27 divorces per 100 000 estimated resident population in 2020

What causes high rate of divorce in South Africa?

Marriage Infidelity

Infidelity, Adultery or more commonly known as “cheating”, is on top of the list of reasons for divorce in South Africa.

Which race divorces the most in South Africa?

The Difference in South African Divorce Rate Between Racial Groups

  • 45% The Black population of South Africa had the highest proportion of divorces, with 45% of all registered divorces coming from Black couples.
  • 19% Coloured divorces accounted for 19.0% of all divorces.
  • 22% White divorces accounted for 22% of all divorces.

Importance of Divorce Rate In South Africa

Divorce statistics provide important information about the state of American unions. They help any number of researchers, lawmakers, non-profits and others understand what it means to be married and divorced in modern times.

Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce Rate in South African

Is divorce easy in South Africa?

An uncontested divorce in South Africa

The process proceeds quickly if both parties agree to the divorce and reach a settlement on childcare and financial issues. Uncontested divorces are the quickest and cheapest option. They involve both parties working with the same attorney to forge an agreement.

Who initiates most divorces in South Africa?

It seems that women are more motivated to initiate a DIY divorce. There is a gender stereotype of women being the primary caregiver: this stereotype is sustained in that in 79% of cases the mother gets custody of the children. In South Africa, 55% of all divorcing couples had kids of less than 18 years old.

How many marriages end in divorce in South Africa?

There are various reasons why marriages end in divorce. In 2021, Stats SA released the divorce rate in South Africa, indicating that about four out of 10 marriages would end before the 10-year mark.

How many couples get divorced in South Africa?

The number (16 097) suggests a decline of 7 613 (32,1%) divorces from the 23 710 cases processed in 2019. The total number of divorces increased from 2011 to 2017 and decreased from 2018 to 2020. In 2020, around 127 divorces were granted for same-sex couples.

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What is Rule 43 in a divorce in South Africa?

Rule 43 Applications and Interim Maintenance. When a divorce is taking a long time to finalise or when one of the spouses is a homemaker with no income, the law provides a mechanism that can be used to assist spouses during a divorce to provide for the interim period until the divorce is finalised.

Is South Africa a no fault divorce?

In South Africa, we have a ‘no fault’ system of divorce, meaning that a divorce will be granted if one of the parties believes that there has been an ‘irretrievable breakdown of the marriage relationship’ and that there are no reasonable prospects of restoring it.

Which gender initiates divorce in South Africa?


Black couples had 23 divorces per 100,000 estimated resident population. The report noted that more women initiated divorce proceedings (53.2%) than men (34,6%).

Can I remarry after divorce in South Africa?

Remarrying does not necessarily imply that the divorce was finalized and you have to obtain the divorce decree, or divorce order, to marry again. In South Africa, when you get divorced, you are free to remarry to whomever you choose. Your marriage will be legal, so you will no longer be liable to your former spouse.

Is adultery grounds for divorce in South Africa?

Extra-marital affairs (adultery) or other matrimonial offences may lead to an irretrievable breakdown when one or both of the parties find it impossible to continue a normal marriage relationship as a result thereof, but it is not in itself a stand-alone ground for divorce in South Africa as the fault principle no ..

What are grounds for divorce in South Africa?

Adultery; Physical or verbal abuse; Lack of love, affection and/or communication between parties; The parties are incompatible and have different interests.

What is the biggest cause of divorce in South Africa?

Infidelity/adultery, more commonly known as ‘cheating’, is near the top of the list of reasons for divorcing in South Africa. Adultery is defined as extramarital sex that willfully and maliciously interferes with marriage relations, leading to the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage relationship.

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