What Is Braai In South African


What Is Braai In South African ? To put it simply, a braai is the South African equivalent of an American barbecue. A common (and very frequent) practice in any South African household, a braai is a fundamental part of South African culture and is a gathering of friends and family around a wood-fire grill in celebration.

What do South Africans eat at a braai?

Lamb, beef, chicken, pork, springbok, warthog, ostrich, eland, kudu, seafood, steaks and boerewors… Almost nothing is off-limits at the braai! Each piece of meat is marinated and grilled perfectly, and it’s served with side dishes like salads and desserts.

What’s the difference between braai and barbecue?

The main difference between a braai and a BBQ has to be the fire. A braai just isn’t considered a braai if cooked on a gas grill. The fire also remains lit for the duration of the braai, even after the food’s been cooked. Guests will gather around the fire after eating and spend the rest of the day or evening there.

Importance of Braai In South African

The braai is an essential part of South African culture, and brings family and friends together in celebration for everything from birthdays to graduations to engagements and national holidays. It’s a moment to come together to share good food and feel the love around the fire.14 Oct 2020

Frequently Asked Questions About Braai In South African

What do you bring to a braai?

If you’re invited to a “chop ‘n drop” braai, you’re expected to bring your own meat and wine/beer. If you’re invited to a “bring and braai,” it means the only thing the host is providing is a fire, so bring the rest. Pro tip: If the rugby is on, for the love of god – make sure you know who’s playing.

What country is braai from?

South Africa

What is the origin of the braai? The word “braai” originated in the old Dutch colony of South Africa many years ago. It is believed that the word “braden” (to roast in Dutch) evolved over time to create the word we use today.

Why do South Africans call a barbecue a braai?

) comes from the Dutch ‘braden’, meaning ‘to grill’. It is an abbreviation of braaivleis meaning ‘grilled meat’. So, the word is originally from the language and culture of Afrikaner people in Southern Africa. Having a braai is a social custom not only in South Africa but also in Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

What meat should you braai first?


Braai meat should have a specific order of appearance. Chicken takes the longest to cook, steak takes the shortest, so always put chicken on the braai first, and steak on last. Between the two, you can throw on the wors, chops, and whatever else you’re braaiing.

Is eating braai meat healthy?

High temperature cooking includes pan frying or grilling over an open flame, braai’ing and smoking meats. Research has shown that high consumption of well-done, fried or braai’ed meat increases risk of colorectal, prostate and pancreatic cancer2

How is braai prepared?

5 Steps to Build the Best Braai

  1. Step 1: Gather Your Materials. Get everything you need to begin the braai building process. …
  2. Step 2: Start the Fire. Place half of your kindling in the centre of the braai area so that it looks like a mini bonfire. …
  3. Step 3: Maintain the Flame. …
  4. Step 4: Place the Meat. …
  5. Step 5: Enjoy!

What is braai meat called?

To “braai” or barbeque (Bar-B-Q) meat is a South African tradition. We usually do it once or twice a week, probably more. It’s a chance to get your friends and/or family together, sip some wine or down a couple of cold ones.

How long do you braai meat?

Steaks cut to a thickness of 2,5cm to 3cm, braaied on extremely hot coals and a 10cm grid height take about 7 minutes in total to become medium rare. After 2 minutes turn the steaks. After another 2 minutes, turn them again; now turn after 1:30 more minutes, and then a final 1:30. They are now ready.

What happens when you eat too much braai meat?

You could increase your risk of diseases like certain cancers and cardiovascular illness. Studies have consistently linked higher consumption of red and processed meat to increased risk of certain cancers, as well as cardiovascular disease.

How do you braai meat without burning it?

Turn up the heat

The rule of thumb is that if you can hover your hand over the braai grid for seven to ten seconds without pulling it away from burning, it’s ready for your meat to go on. Pork cuts are quite delicate in texture and benefit from longer braaing at less intense heat.

Source ; scoutafrica.net

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