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Sudan Squad / Football Players

Last updated on March 27, 2022

Sudan Squad / Football Players

Who are the Sudan Squad / Football Players ? The Sudan national football team represents Sudan men in international football and is controlled by the Sudan Football Association, the governing body for football in Sudan. Its home ground is Khartoum Stadium in the capital Khartoum.

Head coach: Hubert Velud

Nickname: Secretarybird

Captain: Nasr Eldin El Shigail

List Of Sudan Squad

Here are the List Of Squad in Sudan and their Positions in the team ;

Sudan Squad Positions
Akram SalimGoalkeeper
Ali Abdallah Abu-EshreinGoalkeeper
Monged ElneelGoalkeeper
Rami Kartikiladefence
Amier KamalCentre-Back
Ahmed WadahCentre-Back
Al Samwal MerghaniCentre-Back
Mustafa KarshomCentre-Back
Faris AbdallaLeft-Back
Omer Al MasryLeft-Back
Atahir EltahirRight-Back
Al-Gozoli NoohMidfield
Dhiya Mahjoub MusaMidfield
Walieldin KhidirMidfield
Nasr OmarDefensive Midfield
Mohamed AbuaaglaDefensive Midfield
Hussein AlnourDefensive Midfield
Sharafeldin Shaiboub AliAttacking Midfield
Mohamed MokhtarAttacking Midfield
Nasr Eldin El Shigail ( Captain )Midfielder
Mohamed AbdelrahmanCentre-Forward
Saifeldin Malik BakhitCentre-Forward
Moaaz Abdelraheem GismallaCentre-Forward
Ahmed SaeedCentre-Forward

Final List Of Sudan Squad For AFCON 2021 And Their Team Positions

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