The Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust 

By | February 20, 2018

2022/2023 The Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust 

2021/2022 The Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust 

2022/2023 The Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust 

Academic and professional excellence is key to the TEST programme. TEST scholars will therefore be provided with mentorship support during and after their studies to ensure that they excel both academically and professionally. On campus, each scholar will be looked after and mentored by a TEST tutor who will provide the student with the needed academic support; the tutor will also maintain keen interest in the performance of the student, monitoring his/her academic progress and reporting to TEST secretariat where appropriate.

Upon graduation, scholars will be linked with businesses and corporate interests associated with the TEST programme who will provide professional mentorship for graduates. It is expected that this will provide enormous employment opportunities for new graduates.
The form can be downloaded here, and the renewal form for current TEST students can be downloaded here Please remember you have to have been accepted by one of the accredited institutions in one of the accepted disciplines, and the form must be submitted to that institution and not to the Trust itself.
Guidance notes are available here.

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