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The Richest Man In Ethiopia ;Discover Ethiopia’s Top Wealthiest

Who is the richest man in Ethiopia? When it comes to Ethiopia’s business and entrepreneurship scene, one name stands out above the rest: the richest man in Ethiopia. With their immense wealth and influence, these exceptional individuals have made headlines and left an indelible mark on the country’s economy. In this article, we’ll explore the life and achievements of the richest man in Ethiopia, shedding light on their inspiring journey to success.

Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi, known as the Richest Man In Ethiopia, is an Ethiopian-Saudi billionaire businessman. He was born in Ethiopia in 1946 to a Hadhrami father and an Ethiopian mother.

How did Mohammed Al Amoudi become rich?

He made his initial fortune in construction in Saudi Arabia. One of his most valuable assets is oil refiner Preem, which bills itself as the largest fuel company in Sweden. In Ethiopia he has invested in agriculture, cement production and gold mining.

The Richest Man In Ethiopia; Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi Biography ,Net worth and Lifestyle

Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi Profile summary

Full name: Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi

Born : July 21, 1946 (age 75 years), Dessie, Ethiopia

Nationality : Saudi

Spouse : Sofia Saleh Al Amoudi

Partner : Mahder Assefa

Siblings : Saeed Al Amoudi, Saleh Al Amoudi, Hassan Al Amoudi, Abdulla Al Amoudi

Parents : Weyzero Rakiya Mohammed Yassin, Haji Hussein Al Amoudi

Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi Biography

Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi was born in Ethiopia in 1946 to a Hadhrami father and an Ethiopian mother. In 2016, his net worth was estimated by Forbes at approximately $10.9 billion and a relative fall in net value was linked to the global fall in oil and gold prices at the time of estimation. He was also listed as Ethiopia’s richest man, the second richest Saudi Arabian citizen in the world and the second richest person of African descent in the world. Al Amoudi made his fortune in construction and real estate before branching out to buy oil refineries in Sweden and Morocco. He is the largest individual foreign investor in Ethiopia and a major investor in Sweden.

Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi Career Life

Al Amoudi owns a broad portfolio of businesses in construction, energy, agriculture, mining, hotels, healthcare and manufacturing amongst others. His businesses are largely to be found within two conglomerate holding and operating companies, Corral Petroleum Holdings and MIDROC, both which he owns and manages. He employs over 70,000 people through these companies.

Al Amoudi’s construction company consortium, Mohammed International Development Research and Organization Companies, also known as MIDROC, won a contract to build Saudi Arabia’s estimated $30 billion nationwide underground oil storage complex in 1988. MIDROC acquired Yanbu Steel in Saudi Arabia in 2000.

The entrepreneur owns oil refineries in Morocco and Sweden, and engages in energy exploration and production off West Africa. He owns a top-rated hotel in Addis Ababa, and has pledged US$275 million to finance Saudi Arabia’s first car factory, the Gazal-1. He plans to invest around US$1.07bn in Saudi industrial projects.

Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi Net Worth 2023

Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi  is currently the richest man in Ethiopia , with an estimated net worth of low as $6 billion and as high as $12 billion in recent years.

Where is Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi now?

According to the BBC, Al Amoudi splits his residence between central London, Surrey and Saudi Arabia.

Source. scoutafrica.net

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