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The Richest Man In Ghana

Who Is The Richest Man In Ghana ? Ernesto Taricone

The Richest Man In Ghana – Ernesto Taricone as the Richest Man In Ghana is an industrial investor and civil engineer, he is the Executive Chairman and CEO of Trasacco Group which employs over 4000 Ghanaians and expatriates. 

The Richest Man In Ghana

How did Ernesto Taricone become rich?

Ernesto Taricone is the owner of Trasacco Estate Development Company, a subsidiary of Trasacco, has over $500 million invested in ongoing projects across Ghana.

Ernesto Taricone Biography : Net worth and Lifestyle

Ernesto Taricone Profile summary

Full name: Ernesto Taricone

Born : in Italy in 1948

Net worth : $1.3 billion.

Children : Ernest, Cinzia, and Agata

Organization founded : Trasacco Estate Development Company

Ernesto Taricone Biography

Ernesto Taricone, a Ghanaian citizen born in Rome in 1948, brings to Idilmat Ltd. an extensive resume of business success in a developing country context. He is an exceptionally hardworking and innovative industrialist with vision, tenacity and an incomparable ability to turn ideas into reality.

Ernesto Taricone Career Life

 He was once ranked as the second richest person in Ghana behind the former richest man in Ghana, late Charles Ampofo.

Ernesto, an investor in Ghana’s business world, was reportedly born in Italy around 1948. He arrived in Ghana with his father and siblings in 1968.

He is the founder of the conglomerate Trasacco Group.

Ernesto Taricone Net Worth 2021

Ernesto Taricone is currently the richest man in Ghana , with an estimated net worth of  $1.3 billion.

Where is Ernesto Taricone now?

Ernesto Taricone’s Trasacco Estate Development Company developed and owns the Villaggio Vista Condominium which is now a landmark in Accra .

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