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Togo Squad / Football Players

Last updated on March 27, 2022

Togo Squad / Football Players

Who are the Togo Squad / Football Players ? The Togo national football team represents Togo in international football and is controlled by the Togolese Football Federation. The national football team of Togo made their debut in the FIFA World Cup in 2006. Their team bus underwent a fatal attack in Angola prior to the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations

List Of Togo Squad 

Here are the List Of Squad in Togo and their Positions in the team ;

Togo Squad 2021Position
Malcolm BarcolaGoalkeeper
Kossi AdryGoalkeeper
Hervé GbényoGoalkeeper
Djehani N’GuissanGoalkeeper
Klousseh AgbozoCentre-Back
Abdoul-Halimou SamaCentre-Back
Messan ToudjiCentre-Back
Kangnivi Ama TchoutchouiCentre-Back
Bilal MoussaLeft-Back
Atte YoussifouRight-Back
Kokouvi AmekoudjiMidfield
Moïse AdjahliMidfield
Richard Nane Midfield
Henritse EninfulDefensive Midfield
Elom Nya-VedjiRight Midfield
Gnama AkatéLeft Winger
Bilal AkoroLeft Winger
Ihlas BebouRight Winger
Serge NyuiadziRight Winger
Josué DokeCentre-Forward
Ismaïl Ouro-AgoroCentre-Forward
Marouf TchakeiCentre-Forward
Abdou Sémio TchatakoraCentre-Forward
Asharaf AgoroCentre-Forward

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