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Top 10 African Music Downloader

Top 10 African Music Downloader

Over the numerous Music Download platform , Scout Africa bring to you the Top 10 African Music Downloader where you can get your mp3 , mp4 music and videos online.

Music streaming is a rapidly growing market as fans seek digital copies to listen to on their gadgets and sometimes store and jam to later. Artists have explored the avenue en masse, putting their songs on different digital platforms.

Top 10 African Music Downloader 2022

Here are the best platforms that allow people to access African MP3 music downloads are getting massive traffic. Choose the best, and you will find whatever African music you desire.


SureLoaded is one of the most top sites for accessing all the latest African music. The online platform celebrates, showcases, and promotes trending music from Nigeria and the rest of Africa. Anyone can download songs from the website in MP3 and video format.

SureLoaded provides frequent updates about the entertainment industry, ensuring that all website visitors are updated on the latest trends. If you are looking for a recent song release, the platform will likely have a copy and information about it.


Are you looking for a website to download best West African music, then NaijaVibes is your perfect spot. It was founded by editor-in-chief Godswill Peter in October 2012 and is serving the public with various music genres from Nigeria and Africa.

The website’s music collection includes Afrobeat, Afropop, hip-hop, Gqom, Kwaito, Highlife, Makossa, Pop, Bongo Flava, Hiplife, Gospel, African tribal music and many more. The user-friendly website has a unique interface that gives visitors easy navigation when downloading music files.

One of the most exciting things about the website is the “Quotable lyrics section for every song download page. It gives users a snippet of the song’s lyrics, terrific and remarkably beneficial for fans.


NaijaRemix is a reiable platform for free music downloads, and it possesses all African genres virtually. The website is renowned for distributing the latest in the entertainment industry, including news, songs, music videos, etc.


Naijasureguys is an excellent avenue for accessing African music downloads from different parts of the continent.

The online platform is recognized for providing trending substance, Nigerian and African music, leisure entertainment, comedies, educational and lyrics. The website is your one-stop-shop for all your music and entertainment needs and will probably satisfy your thirst for good music.


HipHopZA is another excellent website with a vast collection of African music ready for download in MP3 format. One of the most exciting things about the platform is that visitors can listen to the music before downloading.

This is an excellent option for someone looking to test a new genre and figure out what is appealing and what is not. Another great thing about the website is that you can download South African music as it holds a vast collection of all the latest releases from multiple artists. Also, the website has an exclusive section for Amapiano music.

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