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Explore The Top Most Enchanting Tourist attractions in Johannesburg

What are the Famous Tourist Attractions In Johannesburg ? Johannesburg, South Africa’s biggest city and capital of Gauteng province, began as a 19th-century gold-mining settlement. Its sprawling Soweto township was once home to Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. Mandela’s former residence is now the Mandela House museum. Thus This Article Contains the most Famous Tourist Attractions In South Africa Johannesburg.

Are you looking For the best Tourists Attractions to visit in South Africa Johannesburg. ? ,whether its being your vacation , Honeymoon , Business travels , Family Travels , Holiday and many More . Huh ! then you are at the right Place .

Top 10 Tourists Attractions in South Africa Johannesburg

Scout Africa discovers the Top 10 Tourists Attractions in South Africa Johannesburg. You Must Visit. Read This Article and scout at any of these Attractions in South Africa Johannesburg. Lets Get Started !

1. Gold Reef City Theme Park

Gold Reef City Theme Park

Gold Reef City is an amusement park in Johannesburg, South Africa. Located on an old gold mine which closed in 1971, the park is themed around the gold rush that started in 1886 on the Witwatersrand, the buildings on the park are designed to mimic the same period. There is a museum dedicated to gold mining on the grounds where it is possible to see a gold-containing ore vein and see how gold is poured into barrels. And multiple shops around the park can be located. There are many attractions at Gold Reef City, including water rides, roller coasters and the famous Gold Reef City Casino. Gold Reef City is located to the south of the Central Business District off of the M1. It is also the site of the Apartheid Museum

Is Gold Reef City free on your birthday?Free entrance to the Theme Park, including all applicable rides. A complimentary birthday meal and lucky packet. A birthday gift!

2. Apartheid Museum

The Apartheid Museum is a museum in Johannesburg, South Africa illustrating apartheid and the 20th century history of South Africa. The museum, part of the Gold Reef City complex, was opened in November 2000.

What can you see in the Apartheid Museum?The Pillars of the Constitution is the first exhibit visitors see when visiting the Apartheid Museum. Located in the courtyard, it includes one pillar for each of the seven values that are enshrined in the South African Constitution: democracy, equality, reconciliation, diversity, responsibility, respect and freedom.

3. Constitution Hill Human Rights Precinct
Constitution Hill Human Rights Precinct

The Constitution Hill precinct is located at 11 Kotze Street in Braamfontein, Johannesburg near the western end of the suburb of Hillbrow. Constitution Hill is the seat of the Constitutional Court of South Africa.

When was constitutional Hill built?One of these is the Old Fort built around the Johannesburg Prison. The Old Fort takes three years to build and is finally completed in June 1899 at a cost of £40,000.

4. Cradle of Humankind

The paleoanthropological site self-proclaimed as the Cradle of Humankind is located about 50 km northwest of Johannesburg, South Africa, in the Gauteng province. Declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1999, the site currently occupies 47,000 hectares and contains a complex of limestone caves. The registered name of the site in the list of World Heritage sites is Fossil Hominid Sites of South Africa. According to existing archaeological and fossil evidence, however, the Cradle of Humankind is the Afar Triangle in East Africa, which is often referred to as the Cradle of Humanity. The Sterkfontein Caves were the site of the discovery of a 2.3-million-year-old fossil Australopithecus africanus, found in 1947 by Robert Broom and John T. Robinson.

Why is it called a Cradle of Humankind?The Cradle of Humankind is an area in South Africa where many fossils, tools, and other traces of early humans have been found. These traces provide valuable information about human evolution. The region is called the Cradle of Humankind because some of the earliest ancestors of modern humans were born there.

5 . Johannesburg Zoo
 Johannesburg Zoo

The Johannesburg Zoo is a 55-hectare zoo in Johannesburg, South Africa. The zoo is dedicated to the accommodation, enrichment, husbandry, and medical care of wild animals, and houses about 2000 individuals of 320 species.

Is food allowed in Johannesburg zoo?Visitors can also bring their own picnic baskets with food and beverages in plastic bottles only. Regrettably, alcoholic beverages and drinks in glasses or cans will not be allowed. Also not allowed will be animals, balls, balloons, and any items that may harm the animals in the zoo.

6 . Bothongo Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve

Lion & Safari Park is a conservation enclosure for lions, cheetahs, hyena, wild dogs and various antelope. It is located in the Cradle of Humankind in the North West province of South Africa.

Who owns Rhino and Lion Park?For 30 years, the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve has shared its love of wildlife with South Africans and visitors from across the world. But times have changed. Under the new ownership of the Bothongo Group the reserve is refocusing its efforts on animal welfare.

7. Johannesburg Botanical Gardens

7 beautiful botanic gardens you can tour from home - Lonely Planet

The Johannesburg Botanical Garden is located in the suburb of Emmarentia in Johannesburg, South Africa. The gardens grew out of a large rose garden that was established in 1964 and subsequently expanded from 1969 to cover an area of around 125 hectares. It is administered by Johannesburg City Parks. The Emmarentia Dam is situated immediately to the east of the garden and shares its extensive acreage. One of the main attractions is the Rose Garden with over 10 000 roses.

Do you pay to enter Johannesburg Botanical Gardens?Three national botanical gardens were selected – Walter Sisulu, Pretoria and Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. The entrance fees ranges from R60.00 per adult to R40.00 per adult.

8. Melville Koppies Nature Reserve

Melville Koppies is a nature reserve and a Johannesburg City Heritage Site in Johannesburg, South Africa. The word ‘koppie’ means small hill. Iron Age artefacts can still be found at the site. Visitors can walk or hike in the Koppies, and tours are offered.

9. South African National Museum of Military History
South African National Museum of Military History

The South African National War Museum in Johannesburg was officially opened by Prime Minister Jan Smuts on 29 August 1947 to preserve the history of South Africa’s involvement in the Second World War. In 1975, the museum was renamed the South African National Museum of Military History and its function changed to include all conflicts that South Africa has been involved in. In 1999 it was amalgamated with the Pretoria-based Transvaal Museum and National Cultural History Museum to form the NFI. In April 2010 Ditsong was officially renamed Ditsong Museums of South Africa and the SANMMH was renamed the Ditsong National Museum of Military History.

10 . Hector Pieterson Memorial

The Hector Pieterson Museum is a large museum located in Orlando West, Soweto, South Africa, two blocks away from where Hector Pieterson was shot and killed 16 June 1976. The museum is named in his honour, and covers the events of the anti-Apartheid Soweto Uprising, where more than 170 protesting school children were killed. The museum features films, newspapers, personal accounts and photographs, the most famous being the iconic photo by Sam Nzima. The Hector Pieterson Museum became one of the first museums in Soweto when it opened on 16 June 2002. 

Why is the Hector Pieterson memorial important?The Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum, situated in Orlando West, Soweto, commemorates the role of the country’s students in the struggle against apartheid and in particular the role played by the school children who took part in the Soweto protests of 1976, many of whom were shot by the apartheid police.

Conclusion enjoy your stay in any of these Famous Tourist Attractions In Johannesburg whether its being a vacation , holiday , Honeymoon etc.…Have a nice day !

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