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UHAS School of Allied Health Sciences

UHAS School of Allied Health Sciences

About UHAS School of Allied Health Sciences

The School of Allied Health Sciences (SAHS) is one of the constituent schools in the University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho, Ghana. It was created in 2012 during the establishment of the University to be a pacesetter teaching, researcher and a training hub for Allied Health Professionals. The School’s mandate is to train and develop highly qualified, competent and committed Allied Health Professionals with the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to identify allied health related challenges and provide timely and lasting solutions to persons and communities. SAHS is located in Ho, the capital of the Volta Region of Ghana.
The vision of SAHS is to become a pre-eminent research and practically oriented institution dedicated to providing timely and lasting Allied Health solutions to Allied health related challenges in communities, globally and Ghana in particular.

  • To provide world-class scholarly publications, train competent and committed Allied Health Professionals;
  • To train students and Allied health professionals in modern technology-driven disciplines and provide opportunities for advancing knowledge acquired for the scientific community;
  • To collaborate with external stakeholders and neighbouring communities to provide essential Allied health services and advocate for communities to take advantage of advanced technology in the provision of Allied health services.


To provide a formidable foundation in the Allied Health Sciences for qualified students and other healthcare professionals by adopting effective innovative teaching and research practices;

  • To disseminate knowledge and reach out to the needs and aspirations of the people through community engagement and the application of results of research findings;
  • To encourage collaboration with other health professionals through effective partnership to provide modern technological equipment and services to enhance students’ learning and provision of quality services to improve the health status of people.


  • Integrity and adherence to required standards
  • Effective student-centered teaching and learning
  • Collaborative approaches to research and development
  • Integrated, practically driven (problem-solving) approach to teaching and learning
  • Community-based interaction and provision of voluntary services
  • Encourage best practices among students and faculty
  • Innovative approaches in teaching and conduct of research
  • Encourage life-long learning among students and faculty.

UHAS School of Allied Health Sciences DEPARTMENTS
The School of Allied Health Sciences is made up of six (6) departments with four (4) of them currently operational. These include;
Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences
The main focus of the Department is producing the next generation of Medical Laboratory Scientists with a quadripledgial knowledge and skills in medical microbiology, chemical pathology, haematology and histo/cytology who are capable of taking up positions in any of the career paths in the profession.
Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences
The Department seeks to produce Physiotherapists with a strong foundation in clinical knowledge and research equipped with clinical and therapeutic skills for evidence-based physiotherapy practice at entry‐level practice within the legal and ethical framework of the profession locally and internationally.
Department of Nutrition and Dietetics
The Department through its astute, dedicated and dynamic faculty, who are also professionals in the fields of Dietetics, Nutrition, and Food science, have a core mandate of producing the best crop of Dietitians in Ghana and beyond. This is being done through strategic teaching approaches, research, and community service. The Department also provide training in Nutrition and Dietetics for students in the Schools of Medicine, and Nursing and Midwifery.
Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
The Department seeks to produce speech, language and hearing therapists and audiologists with strong foundation in the clinical knowledge and skills that have a reflection in the sound ethics and professionalism for entry-level practice and perform diverse roles in the broad area of speech, language and hearing sciences.
Department of Medical Imaging (Radiography)
The Department of Medical Imaging (Radiography) is committed to developing students with knowledge which directly improves health outcomes and health care for patients. Top-quality teaching relies on academic and clinical expertise of lecturers and clinical tutors. Lectures, tutorials, workshops, presentations and specific group work are the main methods of teaching.

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