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University of Cape Coast , Cape Coast Degrees Courses

University of Cape Coast , Cape Coast Degrees Courses

Bachelor of Music

B.Mus – Music

Bachelor of Arts

B.A – African Studies
B.A – Anthropology
B.A – BA Communication Studies
B.A – Classics and Philosophy
B.A – Dance
B.A – Economics
B.A – English (B.A.)
B.A – Film Studies
B.A – General Linguistics
B.A – Ghanaian Languages
B.A – Population and Health
B.A – Religion and Human Values
B.A – Social Behaviour and Conflict Management (Sandwich)
B.A – Social Sciences
B.A – Sociology
B.A – Theatre Studies

Bachelor of Education

B.Ed – Bachelor in Basic Education (2YR)
B.Ed – Bachelor in Psychological Foundations of Education
B.Ed – Bachelor of Education (Management)
B.Ed – Basic Education
B.Ed – Computer Science Education
B.Ed – Early Childhood Education
B.Ed – Early Childhood Education (Sandwich)
B.Ed – Health Sciences
B.Ed – Health Sciences (Sandwich)
B.Ed – Health, Physical Education and Recreation
B.Ed – Home Economics
B.Ed – Mathematics
B.Ed – Post Diploma in Basic Education (2-Year )
B.Ed – Science

Bachelor of Commerce

B.Com – Bachelor of Commerce (2YR)
B.Com – Finance
B.Com – Management
B.Com – Procurement and Supply Chain Management (Post Diploma-Sandwich)

Bachelor of Science

B.Sc – Actuarial Science
B.Sc – Agribusiness
B.Sc – Agricultural Extension (B.Sc.)
B.Sc – Agricultural Extension and Community Development
B.Sc – Agro-Processing
B.Sc – Animal Production
B.Sc – Bachelor of Science (2YR Marketing)
B.Sc – Biochemistry
B.Sc – Computer Science
B.Sc – Doctor of Optometry (OD)
B.Sc – Engineering Physics
B.Sc – Engineering Physics (Sandwich)
B.Sc – Entomology and Wildlife
B.Sc – Environmental Science
B.Sc – Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences
B.Sc – Forensic Sciences
B.Sc – Geography and Regional Planning
B.Sc – Hospitality Management
B.Sc – Information Technology
B.Sc – Laboratory Technology
B.Sc – Laboratory Technology (Sandwich)
B.Sc – Mathematics
B.Sc – Mathematics and Statistics
B.Sc – Mathematics-with-Business
B.Sc – Mathematics-with-Economics
B.Sc – Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics
B.Sc – Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
B.Sc – Ophthalmic Science
B.Sc – Physics (Undergraduate)
B.Sc – Statistics
B.Sc – Tourism Management

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