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University for Development Studies Endowment

University for Development Studies Endowment

1. Funding for a Chair of Specified Research

This includes a salary supplement for the Professor who occupies the chair, research, equipment and publication support. The sponsorship should be for a specified period (e.g. 5 years) and the sponsor is free to spell out any conditions related to the type of research to be funded.

2. A building to house a Centre/Institute

The donated funds may be used to put up a named Building. The Donor is free to spell out conditions (e.g. a Room in the Building could be used as a Museum to house documents on the personality the building is named after; placement of a bust of the personality in a designated place in the building, etc.). The Donor is free to put up conditions for implementation.

3. Funding for Graduate Research in a Specified Area

Graduate Students could apply for the money to do their field work. The grant could be made available every year. Conditions for this grant could include completion of thesis, publication(s) in an academic journal. The sponsor is free to spell out other conditions for administering the grant.

4. Prize(s) for the most promising Student(s)(for Undergraduate Students)

This prize(s) is to be awarded annually at congregation. Prizes could be anything between GHc 100 – GHc 500 and preferably should be enough to cover a minimum period of five years. The sponsor is free to choose the area of specialization.
To Contribute or Make Enquires on how to contribute, please contact the address or email of the Registrar below;
The Registrar,
University for Development Studies,
Post Office Box 1350,
Tamale, Ghana

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