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University for Development Studies School of Business and Law

University for Development Studies School of Business and Law

The University for Development Studies (UDS) was established in 1992 by the Government of Ghana to “blend the academic world with that of the community in order to provide constructive interaction between the two for the total development of Northern Ghana in particular and the country as a whole” (PNDC Law 279, Section 2).
In response to this mandate, the School of Business and Law (SBL) was established in 2013 at the Wa Campus. The School responds to pressing national needs to improve the socio-economic well-being of the poor through enhanced social programmes for educational quality improvement, business and enterprise development, and legal literacy and legislative development. The planned programmes in Business and Law are directed toward the practical and equity needs of Northern Ghana in particular and rural Ghana in general.
The School offers the following Programmes;

  • 4-Year BA (Integrated Business Studies)
  • 4-Year BSc, Accounting
  • 4-Year BSc. Accounting with Finance
  • 4-Year Bachelor of Commerce
  • 2-Year Diploma in Integrated Business Studies

Sandwich Post-graduate

  • Master of Commerce
    • Banking and Finance
    • Accounting
    • Procurement and Supply Chain Management
    • Human Resources Management
  • M.Sc. in Accounting
  • MA in Management Studies
  • MA in Leadership and Development
  • MA in Business Planning and Microfinance Management

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