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University of Education , Winneba Academic Departments

University of Education , Winneba Academic Departments

Faculty of Ghanaian Languages Education

  • Akan-Nzema Education
  • Ewe Education
  • Ga-Dangme Education
  • Gur-Gonja Education

Faculty of Social Sciences Education

  • Centre for African Studies
  • African and Liberal Studies
  • Business Education
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Social Studies Education

Faculty of Business Education

  • Accounting Studies Education
  • Management Studies Education

Centre for Competency-Based Training and Research
Department of Interdisciplinary Studies
Centre for Teacher Development and Action Research
Faculty of Education and Communication Sciences

  • Counselling Unit
  • Educational Leadership
  • English and Communication Studies Unit

Faculty of Vocational Education

  • Fashion Design and Textiles Education
  • Hospitality and Tourism Education

Faculty of Agriculture Education

  • DIS
  • Agricultural Economics and Extension
  • Animal Science Education
  • Crop and Soil Science Education
  • Inter-disciplinary Studies
  • Mechanical and Agricultural Engineering Education

Faculty of Technical Education

  • Automotive and Electrical Technology Education
  • Construction and Wood Technology Education
  • Information Technology Education
  • Mechanical Technology Education

Faculty of Science and Environment Education

  • Environmental Health and Sanitation Education
  • Science Education, Mampong

Faculty of Educational Studies

  • Basic Education
  • Centre for Hearing and Speech
  • Early Childhood Care and Development
  • Educational Administration and Management
  • Psychology Education
  • Special Education

Faculty of Science Education

  • Biology Education
  • Chemistry Education
  • Health Administration and Education
  • Home Economics Education
  • HPERS Education
  • Information and Communication Technology Education
  • Integrated Science Education
  • Maths Education
  • Physics Education

Institute for Educational Research and Innovation Studies (IERIS)

  •  Centre for Educational Policy Studies

Department of Social Studies Education
Faculty of Foreign Languages, Linguistics and Communication Studies

  • Applied Linguistics
  • Communication and Media Studies (includes the Communication Skills Unit)
  • English EducationFrench Education (includes the German Unit)

School of Creative Arts

  • Art Education
  • Graphic Design
  • Music Education
  • Theatre Arts

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