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University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa Registra's Office

University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa Registra’s Office

The Office of the Registrar plays a critical role in facilitating the attainment of strategic goals and initiatives by providing some of the academic and administrative infrastructure necessary for continued service to students and the University in general.  The work of the Registrar’s Office emphasizes collaborative efforts, integrated services, efficient communication processes, and student success and strives to provide an exceptionally professional service to students and parents, alumni and staff.
The Registrar directs all facets of the operations of the Office of the Registrar including but not limited to monitoring of policies, procedures, and other related matters in the University. As the Chief Administrative Officer, the Registrar is responsible to the Vice Chancellor of the University. He is the Secretary to the Council and the Academic Board of the University.
The position of the Registrar is unique in the Administrative/Management hierarchy of the University. As one of the five Principal Officers of the University, the Registrar is the Chief Administrative Officer and is responsible to the Vice Chancellor who is the Chief Executive Officer of the University. He is the Secretary to the Council and the Academic Board of the University.

The Registrar is responsible, under the Vice Chancellor, for the day-to-day administration and management of the University. He takes charge of the implementation of the relevant regulations and policies as formulated by the appropriate Boards and Committees. He is the transmitter of decisions of Boards and Committees. The Registrar’s Department provides excellent professional support for the realization of the goals of the University and the welfare of the University Community.

A group of Assistant Registrars, other Professionals and Senior Administrative Assistants who handle the various Units and Offices and service Committees and Boards of the University assist the Registrar. The Units under the Registrar’s Office provide a wide range of services to support the Registrar in the day-to-day administration of the University.
Mr. A. K. Doku
Welcome to the Human Resource Unit webpage!
The Human Resource Unit supports the achievement of excellence in teaching, learning and research through the recruitment, retention, reward, recognition, development activities, welfare matters, and terminal matters for University employees. We strive to operate within the rules stipulated in the Labour Act, 2003, the General Conditions of Service for Senior Members (Under Review) and the Unified Conditions of Service for Public Universities, to ensure that the University continues to maintain and enhance its reputation as an equal opportunities employer and to provide services to staff, who are the University’s greatest asset. Staff are encouraged to read the RECORDER to familiarise themselves with current University regulations.
The Unit is In Attendance on the following Committees:
a. University Appointments and Promotions Committee
b. Administration Appointments and Promotion Committee
c. Appointments and Promotions Committees for Senior and Junior Staff
d. Scholarships Committee


Senior Members (Click here to download forms)
Senior Staff
Junior Staff
You can send your querries to the HR Unit via hr@umat.edu.gh or registrar@umat.edu.gh
The Academic and Student Affairs Unit focuses on students’ academic issues. It supervises the sale of application forms for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. It services the University Admissions Committee to select suitably qualified applicants to pursue various programmes in the University. The unit liaises with the Dean of Students to ensure the welfare of students generally. It works directly with the Student Representative Council (SRC) to address students’ problems. It issues letters of introduction to students, liaises with sponsors of students and keeps students’ records.
The General Administration Unit works closely with other Units that deal with the municipal services of the University. These include the Estate Unit, Grounds and Gardens, Maintenance Unit, Transport Unit, Clinic Unit, and Security Unit. The Unit services the University Tender Committee and supervises the auctioning of all the University’s unserviceable equipment.
Human Resources Unit assists the University to recruit, develop, motivate and retain high caliber of staff in the University. One of the primary objectives of this Unit is to provide the human resource information that employees of this University require to enable them effectively discharge their highly skilled and well-qualified professional obligations towards the building of the University and the nation. The Unit is responsible for overseeing welfare matters, long service awards, leave and exit matters, as well as annual staff assessment. Follow link to webpage
The University Relations Unit is responsible for marketing the programmes of the University, organizing official University functions and advancing the public’s consciousness about the University. The Unit liaises with the print and electronic media to disseminate information on events and activities of the University to all stakeholders. It also deals with alumni relations by developing and sustaining a dynamic alumni involvement in the University.

The Audio Visual Unit was established as a photo-processing laboratory in 1985 by GTZ to meet the printing and photo laboratory requirements of the University Community. The primary objective of the Unit is to provide the highest quality products and services of the University and to respond fully to the changing needs of the printing enterprise in order to effectively satisfy the needs of clients in the University promptly.
In recent times, the Unit has expanded considerably and is now responsible for over 70% of the University’s documentations and publications. The Unit undertakes all the printing requirements of all Departments and Units of the University. These include the processing and printing of admission brochures, teaching and learning materials of the teaching staff, examination materials, publications like the University Recorders, Statutes, Journals and publicity of the University in the areas of video documentation, educational exhibitions and mementos.

Guidance and Counselling Unit offers advice and guidance to students and staff in the university. Guidance and Counselling helps to explore and manage whatever is happening in one’s life. The services available at the Unit, therefore, are aimed at helping students and staff cope through difficult situations and provide them with an opportunity to move towards a more satisfying and resourceful experience in life.

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