Where To Watch Al Nassr In South Africa

Where To Watch Al Nassr In South Africa Al Nassr is a professional football (soccer) club based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and their matches can be watch on various streaming platforms such as BeIN Sports , DStv Now or SuperSport etc…A fervent and committed following exists for Al Nassr. The team’s supporters, also referred to as “Al Nassr Supporters” or “Al Nassr Army,” are vocal during games.

What Is Al Nassr Club Team All About ?

Since its founding in 1955, Al Nassr has grown to be among Saudi Arabia’s most prosperous and well-liked football clubs. The group enjoys a sizable fan base and has had great success both domestically and abroad. Al Nassr has won numerous domestic titles, including the Saudi Professional League (known as the Saudi Pro League), the top tier of Saudi Arabian football. They have won the league title several times, with their most recent victories coming in the 2013-2014, 2014-2015, and 2020-2021 seasons.

The top club competition in Asia, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League, has seen Al Nassr participate. In 1995, they made it all the way to the championship game but came in second place, just missing out on winning. King Fahd Stadium in Riyadh serves as Al Nassr’s home field. There are more over 67,000 seats available in the stadium, which has played host to many football games and other sporting events.

Where To Watch Al Nassr In South Africa

Here are a few potential options for watching Al Nassr games:

  1. BeIN Sports is a global sports network that holds the broadcasting rights for many football leagues and competitions, including Saudi Arabian football. They may have the rights to broadcast Al Nassr matches in South Africa. You can check if BeIN Sports is available through your cable or satellite provider or explore online streaming services that offer BeIN Sports as part of their sports packages.
  2. Internet Streaming Platforms: A few online streaming services, like DStv Now and SuperSport, might show Saudi Arabian football matches. For various sports events, these platforms frequently offer live streaming and on-demand video. You can find out if they provide coverage of Saudi Arabian football in general or Al Nassr games specifically.

Major Al Nassr Club Squad

here are some notable players who were part of the Al Nassr squad:

Goalkeeper1Amin Al-Bukhari25Saudi ArabiaSept. 2020
Goalkeeper22Agustin Rossi27ArgentinaJan. 2023
Goalkeeper25David Ospina (injured)34ColombiaJuly 2022
Goalkeeper33Waleed Abdullah36Saudi ArabiaFeb. 2017
Goalkeeper44Nawaf Al-Aqidi22Saudi ArabiaJuly 2019
Goalkeeper62Abdulaziz Rahma20Saudi ArabiaJuly 2022
Centre-back3Abdullah Madu29Saudi ArabiaJan. 2012
Centre-back4Mohammed Al-Fatil31Saudi ArabiaAug. 2021
Centre-back5Abdulelah Al-Amri26Saudi ArabiaAug. 2017
Centre-back21Alvaro Gonzalez33SpainAug. 2022
Centre-back59Yousef Haqawi20Saudi ArabiaJuly 2022
Centre-back78Ali Al-Oujami (Lajami)26Saudi ArabiaSept. 2020
15Abdulaziz Al Faraj19Saudi ArabiaAug. 2021
Centre-back58Aser Abdulfattah Hawsawi20Saudi ArabiaJuly 2022
Left-back13Ghislain Konan27Ivory CoastJuly 2022
Left-back27Majed Mohammed Qasheesh21Saudi ArabiaSept. 2022
Left-back67Mohammed Qassem Al Nakhli28Saudi ArabiaAug. 2021
Right-back2Sultan Al-Ghannam28Saudi ArabiaJuly 2018
Right-back20Hamad Al-Mansour29Saudi ArabiaJuly 2018
Right-back12Nawaf Al-Boushail23Saudi ArabiaJan. 2023
Centre-mid8Abdulmajeed Al-Sulaiheem28Saudi ArabiaSept. 2020
Centre-mid17Abdullah Al-Khaibari26Saudi ArabiaFeb. 2019
Centre-mid18Luiz Gustavo35BrazilJuly 2022
Centre-mid19Ali Al-Hassan25Saudi ArabiaOct. 2020
Centre-mid54Khalid Hussain Kaabi20Saudi ArabiaJan. 2022
Centre-mid31Muhammad Yahya Sahlouli18Saudi ArabiaJan. 2022
Attacking mid10Gonzalo ‘Pity’ Martinez29ArgentinaSept. 2020
Attacking mid14Sami Al-Najei25Saudi ArabiaJuly 2015
Attacking mid27Majed Al-Ammari24Saudi ArabiaJuly 2022
Attacking mid/
94Anderson Talisca28BrazilJuly 2021
Right winger23Ayman Ahmed Yahya21Saudi ArabiaJuly 2019
Right winger45Abdulfattah Asiri28Saudi ArabiaSept. 2020
Left winger11Khalid Al-Ghannam22Saudi ArabiaJan. 2020
Left winger29Abdulrahman Ghareeb25Saudi ArabiaAug. 2022
Left winger46Abdulaziz Saud Al-Aliwa18Saudi ArabiaMay 2022
Left winger77Jaloliddin Masharipov29UzbekistanJan. 2021
Centre forward7Cristiano Ronaldo37PortugalJan. 2023
Centre forward16Mohammed Maran21Saudi ArabiaJune 2022
Centre forward30Meshari Al-Nemer19Saudi ArabiaAug. 2021
Centre forward56Fahad Aqeel Al Zubaidi21Saudi ArabiaJan. 2022
Centre forward57Muhannad Abdullah19Saudi ArabiaJan. 2022

Please be aware that team dynamics might alter over time as a result of player signings, transfers, and other events. For the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on the team, it’s always a good idea to consult the official Al Nassr club website, dependable sports news sources, or football databases.


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