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Top 10 Young Business Entrepreneurs In Ghana

Top 10 Young Business Entrepreneurs In Ghana

Who are Young Business Entrepreneurs In Ghana ? As Entrepreneurship is an act of being an entrepreneur, or “the owner or manager of a business enterprise who, by risk and initiative, attempts to make profits . Most Young Ghanaian men and Women are trying hard to be their own boss to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country .

Who is and entrepreneur?An entrepreneur is an individual who takes the risk to start their own business based on an idea they have or a product they have created while assuming most of the risks and reaping most of the rewards of the business.

Who are the Young Ghanaian Business Entrepreneurs ? Sangu Delle , Kosi Yankey , David Osei , Alex Adjei Bram , Fred Deegbe , Derrydean Adzie , Israella Kafui Mansu and Tonyi Senayah are the top 10 Young Business Entrepreneurs In Ghana on our list.

Top 10 Young Business Entrepreneurs In Ghana

#1 .Sangu Delle

Sangu Delle is a Pan-African entrepreneur and investor. Sangu is Managing Director of Africa Health Holdings and Chairman of Golden Palm Investments Corporation. He has been an early investor in several African tech startups including Andela, mPharma and Flutterwave.

What does Africa health Holdings do?Africa Health Holdings is an innovative company based in West Africa focused on building Africa’s healthcare future.

#2 . Kosi Yankey

Mrs. Kosi Yankey- Ayeh is the Executive Director of the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI), the first female to hold this position for that matter. And the CEO of Nuba Foods and Commodities Ltd (NFCL).

Born in Ghana, Kosi Yankey developed an interest in micro-finance in the banking institutions of the West, living in both London and New York. It is her ultimate goal that over the next half decade, Nuba should be the brand of choice for West African families no matter where they live.

#3. David Osei

David Osei is an award winning entrepreneur from Ghana and Co-founder of Dropifi Limited, Africa’s first technology startup to be accepted into Silicon Valley’s 500 Startups Accelerator Program.

He was named one of 2014’s 40 under 40 by the New York based The Network Journal and was one of the businessmen invited to the 1st US – Africa Business Forum by Bloomberg in Washington. 

# 4. Alex Adjei Bram

Alex Adjei Bram is the Co-founder and General Manager of the SMSGH, a leading mobile and internet value added service (VAS) providers in Africa owned by young Ghanaian entrepreneurs. He is a Ghanaian upcoming entrepreneur who has gained global recognition in recent times. Alex read chemistry at KNUST. The firm is growing by leaps and bounds.

The firm is growing by leaps and bounds. It has run on the back of its three major platforms/apps; MYtxtBOX, Jumpfon, and MPower Payments which have grown its customer base to over 25 million across four African countries including Nigeria and Cameroon in West Africa and Kenya in East Africa. It has a registered representative office in the United States of America for the authentication of electronic payments. In 2013, he was featured in a United Nations General Assembly conference on promoting entrepreneurship as a means to tackle the world’s most pressing problems.

#5. Fred Deegbe

Fred Deegbe is a former banker who decided to take on the world’s leading shoe brands. Frederick Deegbe, popularly known as the shoemaker that heels the world is a Ghanaian entrepreneur, who was formerly a banker but left the job and went into shoe design. He is the Co-founder and Chief Shoemaker of “Heel the World” shoe production and design company in Accra, Ghana. 

#6 . Bright Simons

Bright Simons is a Ghanaian social innovator, entrepreneur, writer, social and political commentator. He is the vice-president, in charge of research at IMANI Centre for Policy and Education. He is also the founder and president of mPedigree . Simons, a 34-year-old entrepreneur from Ghana, offered a boldly simple solution: Africans could check the authenticity of medications by sending mPedigree a text message with the special 12-digit code marked on their drug packet.

How does mPedigree make money?mPedigree’s operations are funded by the revenues the company makes. “We make money by charging a cost per label given to manufacturers, since consumers and users send the texts for free,” said Branttie. … However, Branttie said the purpose of profit for mPedigree was to advance its social and technological missions.

#7 . Derrydean Dadzie

Derry is a seasoned technology entrepreneur, digital transformation consultant and policy advisor.In an article published for Guardian of UK, he was described as not the poster child you would expect to see for Africa but a part of Africa’s emerging class of young entrepreneurs who are presenting a serious challenge to Western ideas of African economic development. He  was awarded the 2011 Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the Youth Excellence Awards.

#8 . Israella Kafui Mansu

Israella Kafui Mansu is a reputed young female entrepreneur in Ghana, Founder and CEO of Mansuki Ghana Ltd. She creates employment and trains less privileged rural women and unskilled youths, teaching them technical skills for making soaps, body cream, hair pomade, as well as packaging, marketing and other basic entrepreneurial skills. She has received 2 Ghanaian and 2 international business awards in South Africa and Sweden.

She was celebrated as an ‘Apostle of the new economy’ by Springboard, Legacy and Legacy, Ghana. Her business is growing and has potentials of becoming something to reckon with both in Ghana and in the global market.

#9. Tonyi Senayah

Tonyi Senayah is a Ghanaian businessman and the Chief Executive Officer of Horseman Shoes. Senayah began studying shoe making in 2009 under a local shoe maker at Lapaz. The brand has been featured in local and international media, notably CNN and DW networks.

Senayah says that the key to success is overcoming the fear of failure. “You have to be something extraordinary to be successful here in Africa,” he says. The next step for Horseman Shoes is the international market and the logistics are currently being prepared.  In 2011, Senayah was named young entrepreneur of the year at the Global Professional Achievers Award in Accra. Senayah and his shoe manufacturer were also given the Outstanding Product Quality award from African Leadership Awards, 2013.

#10 . Bernard Kelvin Clive

He is an Author, Speaker, Trainer and Lecturer, Ghana’s foremost authority on Personal branding and Digital Publishing. A Personal Branding Coach and Brand Strategist at BKC Consulting with over 10 years of experience in digital publishing, has offered consulting services to hundreds of writers, poets, authors locally and internationally to self-publish their books. He is an Amazon bestselling author of over 40 published books. He is a familiar face on GTV and other TV stations where he shares his ideas on branding and strategy. His ideas and perspective on branding is touted as unconventional and revolutionary and has won him many admirers including Seth Godin.

In January 2014, Springboard Virtual University named him as one of the ‘Apostles of the New Economy’ leading the revolution in digital publishing. He is the go-to-guy for digital publishing and personal branding.

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