How To Find Sasfin Bank SA Swift/BIC Codes


Sasfin Bank SA known as Sasfin Holdings Limited is a bank-controlling company that listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 1987. Sasfin and its subsidiaries, notably Sasfin Bank Limited, provide a comprehensive range of specialist financial products and services for Business and Wealth clients.

Breif History About Sasfin Bank South Africa

Sasfin was founded in 1951, and for several decades, its target market was the entrepreneur and small and medium enterprises. Following the granting of Sasfin’s banking licence in 1999 and the acquisition of stockbroking firm Frankel Pollak (with a legacy dating back to 1890) in 2000, Sasfin’s target was expanded to include high-net-worth individuals and corporates.

With the development of Sasfin Wealth’s Asset Management and Asset Consulting businesses, and the acquisition of a Fixed Income team in 2013, Sasfin expanded its target market to include institutional clients.

Additionally, Sasfin now offers transactional banking services to SMEs and individuals. Its new digital platform, B\\YOND, offers a number of SA banking firsts and features business management tools (payroll, invoicing and more) as well as banking tools on one platform.

Sasfin is currently led by CEO Michael Sassoon, and is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. It has several regional offices, as well as an office in Hong Kong.

Sasfin Bank SA : Swift , Branch Codes , IBAN & Contact Details

Universal Branch Code for Sasfin South Africa

The Sasfin universal code is 683000 and is used by all of its branches to carry out transactions regardless of the branch where the customer opened the account. The introduction of the universal code is considered a user-friendly move because it makes transactions easier and faster for customers using the online banking platform. With this code, customers are not mandated to have the various branch codes before a transaction can be approved. The use of this code has also reduced the mistakes of wrong transactions.

Sasfin South Africa Swift Code

Below is a table showing Sasfin branch code, BIC analysis & SWIFT code, Sasfin bank address, and Sasfin branches contacts.

Sasfin SADetails
Universal Branch Code683000
Routing Number*
Bank Address29 Scott St, Waverley, Johannesburg, 2090, South Africa
Registered Address29 Scott St, Waverley, Johannesburg, 2090, South Africa
Postal AddressPO Box 95104 Grant Park 2051
Bank Telephone+27 11 809 7500

What Are The Uses Of Sasfin South Africa Universal Branch Code

  • Sasfin universal branch code is used to curb financial fraud and banking risks locally and internationally.
  • The South African Reserve Bank can use it to track any transactions or find the bank and branch that authorized certain transactions.
  • It is also useful in tracking international transactions to protect the global economy. Excess fraudulent activities within various South African banks are capable of causing a downslope to the country’s economy. With the universal code, this will be caught before it happens.

Sasfin South Africa Branch Codes

A branch code is a unique identifying code for a given branch of a bank. Each branch of a bank is differentiated by its branch code. These branch codes are known by various different names across the globe.

Differences Between A Universal Branch Code and The Branch Code

The two are used for similar occasions but at different levels…Thus All branches can use the universal branch code to carry out transactions regardless of their location. Where as Branch code is used for internal transactions within a particular branch.

Full List Of Sasfin Branch Codes In South Africa


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