KNUST Fees For Postgraduates Continuing Students

By | April 19, 2021

KNUST Fees For Postgraduates Continuing Students 2021/2022 Academic Year

Overview Of KNUST Fees For Postgraduates Continuing Students

The Management of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has released the fee structure for All Postgraduates Continuing Students Courses for 2021/2022 Academic Sessions. Fees vary based on the programme You are Undertaking.

KNUST Approved Fees 2021/2022 For All Courses

Here is the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology School Fees for 2021 Academic Session. Browse Our Courses Here>>>

Please Note the Fees For 2021/2022 KNUST Postgraduates Continuing Students has not been released yet , Below are the previous years Fees Schedule which can guide you with the 2021/2022 fees Schedule.

Chieftancy & Traditional Leadership/ Sociology/Economics/ English/ French/ Religious Studies/2,051.001,171.451,050.001,050.005,322.45
Information Technology/ Computer Science2,051.001,171.451,260.004,482.45
Dev. Planning & Mgt/2,051.001,171.451,050.004,272.45
Dev. Policy and Planning2,150.001,171.451,260.001,050.005,631.45
Dev. Planning & Mgt(weekend)/ Dev. Policy and Planning(Weekend)7,921.201,171.451,260.0010,352.65
M. Architecture/2,051.001,171.451,050.004,272.45
Jewellery & Metalsmithing/Painting/Textile Design/Art/Land Economy/ Planning /BT./2,051.001,171.451,050.004,272.45
Computer Eng./Electrical & Electronic Eng/ Food & Postharvest Eng/ Geological Eng/ Geodetic/
Geomatic Eng./Agricultural Eng./ Agroenvironmental Eng/ Bio Engineering/ Aerospace
Eng./Biomedical Eng./Mechanical Eng(Design & Manufacturing/ Mechanical
Eng(Thermodynamics/ Chemical/ Civil Eng/Materials Eng./Mechanical Eng./ Metallurgical2,671.001,171.451,260.005,102.45
Eng./Petrochemical Eng/Petroleum Eng/Telecom Eng/Marine Eng./ Automobile Eng./Industrial
Eng./Environmental & Public Health/ Power Systems Eng/ Renewable Energy Technologies/ Soil
& Water Eng./ Geophysical Eng./ Road & Transport Eng./ Structural Eng./
Master in Public Administration1,600.001,171.451,260.004,031.45
Global Mental Health Policy, Services and Development/8,085.001,171.451,050.0010,306.45
Pharmceutical Microbiology/Clinical Pharmacy/ Pharmaceutical Technology /3,122.001,171.451,260.005,553.45
Business – MBA (Part-time & Weekend)5,959.001,171.451,050.008,180.45
Business – MBA (Full Time)4,488.751,171.451,260.006,920.20
Chieftancy & Traditional Leadership/ Economics/ English/ French/ Geography & Rural Dev’t/
Historical studies/ Political Science/ Religious Studies/
Actuarial/ Animal and Plant Pathology/ Applied Mathematics/ computer Science/
Entomology(TAB)/ Geophysics/ Information Technology / Mathematical Statistics// Meteorology
and Climate Science/ Organic and Natural Product/ Pure Mathematics/
Analytical Chemistry/ Biochemistry/ Chemistry/ Environmental Chemistry/ Environmental
Science/ Food Science and Technology/ Human Nutrition and Dietetics/ Microbiology/
Parasitology/ Reproductive Biology
Agribusiness Mgt/ Agroforestry/Aquaculture/ Aquaculture & Environment/ Aquaculture Mgt/
Aquatic Resource Mgt/ fisheries Mgt/ Fisheries Science amd Watershed Mgt/ Natural Resource
and Environmental Governance/ Silviculture & Forest Mgt./ Vegetable Crop Production/2,051.001,171.451,260.004,482.45
watershed Mgt/ Wildlife & Range Mgt/ Wood Science/ Wood Science & Technology/ Wood
Agric. Extesion & Development commuminication/ Agric Economics/ Agronomy/ Agronomy(Crop
Physiology/ Plant Breeding/ Weed Science)/ Animal Breeding & Genetics/ Animal Nutrition/
Animal nutrition & Mgt/ Crop Physiology/ Crop Protection(Entomology/ Nematology/ plant
Entomology/ Plant pathology/ Plant Virology/ Entomology/ Floriculture/ Fresh water Fisheries &
Agric/ Fruit Crops/ Meat Science/ Olericulture/ Plant breeding/ Plant Pathology/ Pomology/ POst1,783.001,171.451,050.004,004.45
harvest Physiology/ Post Harvest Technology/ Productive Physiology/ Seed Science &
Technology/ Soil Fertility or Plant Nutrition/ Soil Mgt and conservation/ Soil Science/ Sustainable
and Integrated Rural Dev’t/
Art Education/ Communication Design/Development Studies/ Integrated Art/ Planning/
Architecture/Land Economy/
Construction Mgt/Procurement Mgt./Project MGT(BT)6,000.001,171.457,171.45
Building Technology10,000.001,171.451,050.0012,221.45
Development Policy & Planning/ Planning and Development Studies11,973.681,171.451,260.0014,405.13

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