KNUST Fees For Postgraduates Freshers


KNUST Fees For Postgraduates Freshers 2021/2022 Academic Year

Overview Of KNUST Fees For Postgraduates Freshers

The Management of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has released the fee structure for All Postgraduates Freshers Courses for 2021/2022 Academic Sessions. Fees vary based on the programme You are Undertaking.

KNUST Approved Fees 2021/2022 For All Courses

Here is the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology School Fees for 2021 Academic Session. Browse Our Courses Here>>>

Please Note the Fees For 2021/2022 KNUST Postgraduates Freshers has not been released yet , Below are the previous years Fees Schedule which can guide you with the 2021/2022 fees Schedule.

Asante History/ Comparative Literature/Religious studies/ Social Work/ Sociology5,361.05
Chieftaincy and Traditional leadership/Geography and rural development5,151.05
MSc Geography and Sustainable Development5,151.05
MSc Computer Sc./Maths/Actuarial/Climate Sc./ Statistics/Physics5,419.05
MSc Food Science and Technology6,489.05
Cyber-security and digital forensic5,629.05
MSc Information Technology5,970.05
MA. Architecture5,420.05
MSc. Architecture5,742.45
MA. African Culture/ Art education/ Integrated Arts & Industry/ Publishing/ Mcomm. Design/ MFA
Ceramics/ MFA Jewellery and Metal smithing/MFA Painting/ MFA Painting And Sculpture/ MFA
Sculpture/ MFA Textile Design/ MFA Textile
MSc Agribusiness Management/ Agric. Econs & Farm mgt./Agric. Extension/Vegetable crop prodn.5,629.05
Natural Resource and Environmental Governance/ Packaging Technology and management5,419.05
Geo-information Science5,729.05
Audiology/ Clinical Pharmacy/ Pharmaceutical Technology6,700.05
MSc Disability, Rehabilitation and Development/ MSc Health Education and promotion/ MSc Health
services planning and Mgt./ MSc Occupational health & Safety/MSc population & Reproductive Health/
Health System Research Mgt.
MSc Clinical Nursing11,453.05
MSc Global Mental Health Policy, Services and development11,663.05
MSc Engineering (all programs)6,249.05
MSc Renewable Energy Technologies12,670.05
MSc. Economics10,228.00
LLM. LAW14,612.00
MSc Accounting and Finance/ MSc Finance/ MSc Accounting/ corporate Governance/ Finance and
investment/ Logistics and supply chain/ Management and Human resource/ Marketing/ Procurement
MSc Air Transportation and Aviation management14,353.50
Master of public Administration5,361.05
Business – MBA (Full Time)7,763.00
Business – MBA (Top Up & Obuasi)8,863.00
Business – MBA Strategic management and management consulting (Top Up)8,932.00
Business – MBA (Part time/ Weekend)8,934.00
Business – MSc (All Areas of Specialisation/Logistics)14,665.00
Weekend Programmes in Department of Planning: Planning/Development Studies/ Development
Policy & Planning/Development Planning & MGT./ Facilities Mgt./ Dev. Planning & Mgt. (Weekend)/ Dev.
Policy & Planning(weekend)
MSc Creative Art Therapy9,000.00
MSc Transportation Planning15,195.05
Construction Mgt./Procurement Mgt./Project MGT19,268.00
Chieftaincy/ Economics/ English/French/ Geography/History/ Political Science/Religious Studies/
sociology/ social work/
Biological Science/ Biotechnology/ chemistry/ computational chemistry/ computer science/ cyber-
security and digital forensics/ Ecology/ Entomology/ Environmental Science/ Environmental chemistry/
Experimental Taxonomy/ Food Science and Technology/ forensic Science/ Geophysics/ Human Nutrition
and dietetics/ Information Technology/ inorganic and coordination chemistry/ Limnology and Fisheries/
material science/ mathematical science/ mathematical statistics/ mathematics/ Meteorology and climate5,629.05
science/ microbiology/ Nuclear Physics/ Organic and Natural product/ organic chemistry/ parasitology/
physical chemistry/ physics/ Plant Pathology/ polymer science and technology/ pure mathematics/
Reproductive Biology/ scientific computing and industrial modelling/ solid state physics/ theoretical and
applied biology/ Vision Sciences
Chemical pathology/ Clinical Microbiology/ Clinical Pharmacy/ clinical Pharmacology/Haematology/
Pharmaceutical chemistry/ Pharmaceutical Micro Biology/ Pharmaceutics/ Pharmacognosy/
African Art and Culture/ Art Education/ Building Technology/Communication Design/ Integrated Art/
Painting And Sculpture/
Agribusiness/ Agric. Extension/ Agricultural economics/Aquaculture/ Vegetable crop production/Wildlife
and Range management
Agroforestry/ Agronomy/Animal Breeding and genetics/ Animal nutrition/Crop physiology/ Crop
Protection/Entomology/Floriculture/Fresh Water Fisheries/ Fruit Crops/ Meat Science/Olericulture/ plant
breeding/ Plant pathology/Pomology/Post Harvest physiology/ Post harvest technology/ Reproductive5,419.05
Physiology/ Seed and science Technology/Soil fertility/Soil Management & Conservation/ Soil
Science/Sustainable and integrated rural Development/
PHYSIOLOGY/Biochemistry/ Biodata Analytics and computational Genomics
Mechanical Engineering(Top-up)7,272.05
Educational Planning and Administration/ Language Education/ Science Education/ ICT Education/
Mathematics Education
Aquaculture and environment5,519.05
Natural Resource and Environmental Governance7,729.05
Wildlife and Range management5,939.05
Human Physiology/ Immunology/ molecular Medicine/ Physiology6,910.05
Human Anatomy & Forensic Science8,000.00
All Engineering6,249.05
Intellectual Property(MIP)13,966.00
Health Service Planning & Mgt./Health Education & Promotion/Population & Reproductive Health/
Community Health/ Field Epidemiology and Applied Biostatistics/ Health systems research and mgt.
Disability, Rehabilitation and Development6,528.05
Construction Mgt./Procurement Mgt./Project MGT.15,318.05
Creative Art7,012.00
Fashion Design Technology/ Textile Design Technology8,000.05
Urban Management Studies10,449.25
Business – (All Areas of Specialisation/Logistics)9,091.05
Weekend Programmes in Department of Planning
Policy & Planning/Development Planning & MGT)
Planning/Development Studies/ Development15,673.18
Social Sciences /Publishing Studies6,538.05
Biochemistry/ Biodata Analytics and computational Genomics/ Bio-Technology7,959.05
Biological Science8,180.00
Computer Science/ Meteorology and climate change6,889.05
Human Nutrition and Dietetics8,378.05
Architecture/ Land Management7,099.05
African Art And Culture/ Art Education/ Painting/ Painting and sculpture/ Sculpture/6,889.05
Agric. Extension & Development communication/ Agricultural economics/ Agronomy/Animal Breeding
and genetics/ Animal Nutrition/ Animal Science/ Crop physiology/ Development Economics/Forage crop
Prodn. Mgt./ Fruit crops/ Horticulture/ Landscape/Meat Science/ Nematology/ plant breeding/Plant
pathology/ Plant Virology/ Post harvest Physiology/ Reproductive Physiology/ Seed Science and6,906.75
Technology/ Soil Fertility & Forest management/ Soil management and conservation/ Soil Microbiology/
Soil Physics/ Soil Science
Agribusiness management/ Agricultural Extension/ Agroforestry6,890.05
Silviculture & Forest mgt.6,979.05
Post-harvest Technology/Wildlife and Range management/ Aquaculture7,099.05
Planning/Development Studies16,180.00
Textile & Fashion Design Tech.15,000.05
Construction Mgt./Procurement Mgt./Project Mgt./Building Tech.11,268.05
Chemical Pathology/ Human Anatomy and Cell Biology/ Human anatomy and forensic Science/
Immunology/ Molecular Medicine/Natural Product Pharmacology/Pharmaceutical Chemistry/
Pharmaceutical Microbiology/ Pharmaceutics/ Pharmacology/ Pharmacognosy/ Social Pharmacy/8,170.05
Chemistry/ Entomology/ Environmental Microbiology/ Food Science and Technology/ Microbiology/
Actuarial Science/ Applied Mathematics/ Environmental chemistry/ Environmental physics/
Environmental Science/Geophysics/ Information Technology/Mathematics statistics/ scientific computing
and industrial modelling
Educational Planning and Administration/ Language Education/ Science Education/ ICT Education/
Mathematics Education
EdD Educational Planning and Administration8,000.00
Clinical Microbiology8,209.05
Clinical and social Pharmacy/ Clinical Pharmacy/ Clinical Pharmacology7,960.05
Engineering( for all Programs)7,719.05
Health Service Planning & Mgt. /Health Education & Promotion/Population & Reproductive Health13,468.05
Public Health15,988.05
Business/ Business and management/ Management studies/ human resource/ Organizational leadership18,000.05
Other ChargesSUMMARY
Health Care63.00
Technology Service (ICT)210.00
Physical Development Levy**42.00
Sub Total666.75
University Approved Service Charges
Student Guide23.10
Identity Card15.75
Medical Examination42.00
Students Integration Fee36.75
Business & Financial Times42.00
Library fee31.50
Paperless Communication52.50
Sub Total243.60
Other approved charges (for student activities)
Grasag National Dues8.40
Grasag Hostel Fund105.00
Grasag Endowment Fund10.50
Local Grasag Development63.00
Publication & Newsletter21.00
Focus FM6.30
Sub Total329.70
Campus Bus70.00

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