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Joburg Fights Back: EMC Crews Repair M1 Cable Damage After Fire

City Power and Emergency Maintenance Crews (EMC Crews)has begun repairing damaged electricity infrastructure in Johannesburg following a fire caused by underground cables along the M1 with clearance from the Johannesburg Roads Agency .

Joburg Fights Back: EMC Crews Repair M1 Cable Damage After Fire
Joburg Fights Back: EMC Crews Repair M1 Cable Damage After Fire :Image: ANTONIO MUCHAVE

City Power spokesperson Isaac Mangena announced that site work will commence with clearing rubble and assessing network damage extent, determining scope of work and restoration time.

A massive fire under the M1 double-decker highway in Johannesburg which happened on Tuesday caused chaos for commuters and prompted emergency services to contain the blaze. The fire is suspected to be caused by cable theft, with teams finding tools and a cellphone while containing the fire.

“Unfortunately, our backfeeding efforts could not cover all affected customers but only a few. There are no alternative methods available to provide supply to the affected customers as the city does not have the capacity of generators to power all the affected suburbs,” Isaac Mangena stated.

Mangena also stated that the extent of network damage will determine the site work and restoration period.

“We want to assure our valued customers that we are committed to rehabilitating the damaged electricity infrastructure and restore supply as soon as we can. However, this will take a while. We apologise for the inconvenience this causes and appeal for patience as we work on repairs. We will continue to provide updates on developments on site,” he concluded.

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